Gitananda Yoga Association of Australia INC.

Australian registered Body Number : 105 451 527
Incorporation Number : A37776

The Gitananda Yoga Association of Australia Inc.was incorporated on 15 April 2003 and become a Registrable Australian Body on 17 july 2003.

The aim and purpose of the Association are:

(i)To promote Gitananda Yoga in Australia.
(ii)To promote the interest of Gitananda Yoga trained and qualified teachers Residing and teaching in Australia.
(iii)To promote Gitananda yoga trained and qualified teachers teaching the 'Yoga:Step-by-Step Correspondence Course in Australia (with the understanding that the property and fee obtaind from this course remains the entire property of Yoga Jivana Satsangha, Tamil Nadu,South India).
(vi)To create and maintain an educational and cultural link between Yoga Jivana Satsangha (international), Tamil Nadu, South India and Gitananda Yoga Association of Australia Inc.

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CONTACT: Yogacharya Muralidharan